Say No to counterfeits,
Is your life worth the gamble on fake bearings

What are counterfeit products?

Counterfeit products are generally produced by non - certified bearing manufacturer and marked “Koyo” brand logo on their products. As the products are not produced to meet Koyo technology and internal specification, there are huge risk of very poor bearing performance and premature failure. Using counterfeit products may cause not only the bearing failure but also big damage to the machine and potential life crisis.

JTEKT’s Efforts

For the purpose of protecting the safety of JTEKT customers and fulfilling its social responsibilities as a leading bearing manufacturer, the JTEKT Group is implementing various initiatives around the world with a strong attitude not to allow counterfeit products absolutely. This page introduces what efforts the JTEKT Group is making.

JTEKT works closely with World Bearing Associations

JTEKT has made joint efforts with WBA to stop the fake bearings by introducing new QR codes linked with WBA app. It is now much easier to check about Koyo genuine products. For more details, click


Anti-Imitation Counterfeit Measures:
Holographic security sticker on individual packages

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